Murano Glass Chandeliers Gallery

Murano chandeliers: a unique addition of style and elegance

Murano glass chandeliers are a unique addition to any home that never fails to accentuate style and elegance combined with supreme craftsmanship. An alluring piece of lighting fixture is most sought after by the discriminating few who know how to honor a timeless tradition passed down from centuries of traditional glass making techniques.

The process might have changed due to the passing of time but the principles remain the same and are the same techniques passed down from generation to generation.

The magic of glassblowing

Murano glass chandeliers are ideal for any home. If you are looking for the best way to liven up any area in your home, then these intricate glass pieces are the perfect complements to any design theme. Glass is an attractive proposition prevalent on most luxury themed hotels and places of recreation and never fails to stir the emotions. The fascination with glass is not limited to the small island of Murano in Italy, but enthusiasts the world over have proven time and again that Murano glass is the best when it comes to the field of artistic glass making. This is evident with every design piece which seems to show the minutest detail that is evident with just a single glance. Clear glass is not only the highlight of the collection, as colored and tainted glass are also found on Murano glass chandeliers and adds color to an already attractive deign proposition.

The island of Murano glass chandeliers

The island of Murano in Venice, Italy is home to the world's most famous and most talented glass artists. This time-honored craft was honed through centuries of design and expression that are still admired today. In fact, it has never lost popularity altogether. Infused with a modern touch, Murano glass chandeliers have become sought-after in the world market, which is made possible not only by the attractive design but with the rich culture that every piece emanates. This seems to be the perfect equation of history, Italian ethnicity and style. The variety of Murano glass creations found in the Internet is a feast for the soul. Murano glass chandeliers are not an exemption and should be given consideration when looking for a beautiful design piece to add to your home. Express your creative and artistic side while still retaining a sense of tradition with the stunning glass creations that is exclusive to the island of Murano.